Estonian Youth Work Centre (EYWC), founded in 1999, is a national centre for youth work under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Education and Research (MER) and its main objective is to develop and organise youth work in the framework of the national youth policy.

EYWC cooperates with governmental and youth work agencies, local governments, youth associations and other institutions to develop youth policy and youth work, to provide valuable advice and information and to represent, promote and protect the interests and values of youth work.

In cooperation with MER Youth Department the EYWC is responsible for achievement of the goals of the Estonian Youth Work Development Plan 2014-2020 and implementation of the actions specified in the programme.

EYWC and MER Youth Department also works towards improving the services provided to youth, to make them suitable for the needs of young people and for the goals and directions of youth policy, and to enhance the quality and availability of services.

The target groups of EYWC activities are:
– youth workers
– youth and youth work (umbrella-)organisations and agencies
– young people
– general public (incl. representatives of other fields, parents, politicians, employers, etc.)

EYWC activities (the list is not definitive):

  • We implement the Youth Field Development Plan 2014-2020
  • We perform functions arising from the Youth Work Act and other relevant laws
  • We develop smart youth work
  • We coordinate networking activities
  • We award and recognise the professional qualifications of youth workers
  • We develop international cooperation
  • We assess the quality of youth work
  • We monitor welfare of young people (www.noorteseire.ee)
  • We organise training courses on youth work
  • We finance projects (e.g. open calls for open youth centres, hobby schools)
  • We develop youth participation
  • We give annual grants to youth organisations
  • We develop youth information (www.teeviit.ee)
  • We manage Kloogaranna Youth Camp
  • We implement programs such as:
    • European Social Fund programme “Developing youth work quality” (2008-2013)
    • European Regional Development Fund open a call for youth infrastructure development (2007-2015)
    • European Economic Area (EEA) programme “Children and Youth at Risk” (2009-2014)
    • European Social Fund programme „Involving young people at risk of exclusion and improving the employability of young people“ (2014-2020)

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