Project  “Youth work – uprising beyond the borders” started 1st october 2018 and lasts 14 months. National association of youth workers (NAPOR) is impementing it in a partnership with Estonian Youth Work Centre. It’s funded by the Tempus Foundation through the European Union programme ERASMUS +.

The idea for this project came after assessing common needs on improving quality of youth work, area in which both partners are highly experienced, being central bodies on national level for development of youth work. Several international activities are planned in order to reach the results: study visits for 38 youth workers organized, in Serbia and Estonia, development of Analyses document on good practices that focuses to demonstrate the context of youth work, cooperation with youth field institutions and showcase examples of youth work practiced among involved countries, production of Policy brief on involvement of youth work into local public institutions in Serbia, Online campaign pointing out the competence of people working with youth through youth work programs,  places where they work and type of youth work they practice and final event Share!, in the form of video web conference with the live broadcast.

Main results of the project

  • Created recommendations and identified areas for improvement of national mechanisms regarding quality youth work, based on experience from study visits to Serbia and Estonia;
  • Created evidence based proposal of new policy at national level that will be tailored to ensure sustainable system for youth work practice;
  • Supported professional development of youth workers and their empowerment to introduce innovative methods and approaches into daily work and Initiated youth workers programs and policies improvements on the level of local organizations and local public institutions represented by youth workers involved in the project.

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